Creating YouTube music videos fast


For me, a YouTube music video is a static picture and music in the background. It seems that most youtubers share this opinion. So what’s the simplest and fastest way of doing that?

My choice is Movie Maker. Download, install it, then fire it up. Add a picture, then add the music too. You might want to pre-size your picture and convert your music to wav coz at times Movie Maker shits its pants at doing that for you. Also, make sure to click on Fit to music under the Project tab.

So nothing new so far. Now comes the tricky part. Since you have a static picture, it makes no sense to encode that same picture 30 times per second, right? That’s what we’ll adjust to be just 1 frame per second. Go to File / Save movie and scroll way down to open Create custom setting…:

Then create a new setting with Frame rate set to just one. Here’s what mine looks like:

And that’s it. Now your videos will encode a lot faster, saving you precious time.