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Edimax EN-9320TX-E 10GbE Ethernet Card on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux

Unlike the Asus XG-C100C, the Edimax EN-9320TX-E 10G Ethernet card won’t work OOTB, because you need some firmware magic to make it work. So first off, some prerequisites: yum install dkms vim-common git curl || apt install dkms git curl git clone -b vendor-drop/v0. https://github.com/acooks/tn40xx-driver.git /usr/src/tn40xx-001 cd /usr/src/tn40xx-001 curl -LO https://github.com/acooks/tn40xx-driver/files/2214805/x3310fw_0_3_3_0_9374.tar.gz tar xf x3310fw_0_3_3_0_9374.tar.gz make […]

Creating UEFI USB media for RHEL

For UEFI all you need is the installer files and the boot loader stuff under the /efi folder, right? Well, RHEL doesn’t seem to like it that way. [ 204.910407] localhost dracut-initqueue[1127]: Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout – starting timeout scripts [ 205.429544] localhost dracut-initqueue[1127]: Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout – starting timeout scripts [ 205.948248] localhost dracut-initqueue[1127]: Warning: […]

Let’s Encrypt now available via EPEL

That’s right folks, the Let’s Encrypt client has just been committed to EPEL! Now all you have to do on EL-based distros: yum update yum install letsencrypt letsencrypt certonly -d foo.bar -d www.foo.bar No more git clone, no more GCC, kernel headers, virtualenv and pip for letsencrypt-auto, it simply just works. The certs will be […]

Jenkins on Fedora Server 21

Preamble Yeah, at the time of writing it’s in alpha yet, but it’s already in a quite good shape. My plan is to migrate our current services from Ubuntu Server to Fedora Server. This is one of the first attempts, so you may even call this a feasibility study. So far, it seems Fedora will […]

Jenkins Service Unavailable

So you’re trying to install Jenkins on a headless Linux server with a minimum set of packages, and when you’re trying to reach the web interface, you get something like this: HTTP ERROR: 503 Problem accessing /. Reason: Service Unavailable Powered by Jetty:// Additionally, when you check the logs, you see this: SEVERE: Failed to […]