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I want standard USB-C Headphones

OnePlus is the latest entrant to announce nuking the headphone jack, and also a new pair of headphones using USB-C. I’ve been using BT headphones for a while, so this wouldn’t bother me that much. And I’m also a big supported of USB-C as a whole. What I’m unsure about is whether these headphones use […]

The Microsoft Edge browser recommendation hypocrisy

So the latest Windows Insider build apparently nags you to stay with Edge, because it’s good enough or something. And now everyone’s shitting their pants over how outrageous this move is. Well, in fact, it is. But I’m really missing these voices when Google does the same. Which is… all the time, actually. I mean, […]

Google plans to remove apps misusing Accessibility Services

Because security or something. Instead of fixing their shit, they just remove a hand-picked bunch of apps using it in a way it wasn’t really intended to be used in. Now we won’t have LastPass I guess. Coz LastPass had to resort to Accessibility Services. Not because they wanted to, but because they had to. […]