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Updating GitLab Avatars from Intranet Website

After doing this for GitBucket, it’s time to port it to GitLab. Without further ado: Yes, it works with community edition. Cheers!

Updating GitBucket Avatars from Intranet Website

Let’s assume you have a corporate site where you host profile pictures of your colleagues in the same naming scheme as they log into your GitBucket instance. Because unified login via LDAP is cool. In this case I have good news for you: I wrote a simple, slightly hackish script which allows you to pull […]

Integrating Ubuntu with Active Directory

Prelude You can run, but you can’t hide, sooner or later it’ll knock on your door. I was assigned with the task of providing our colleagues with Linux workstations. Previously we had Windows, which is no biggie. Then came OS X, which is far from being perfect, but still reasonably doable. And then came Linux… […]

Installing, Migrating & Upgrading Redmine with LDAP on Ubuntu

Preamble Note for CentOS users: please refer to my more recent guide, Redmine on CentOS 7 This article will guide you through the installation, migration and upgrading of a Redmine instance on Ubuntu Server 13.10. The article’ll also explain how to switch from an SQLite database backend to PostgreSQL. For authentication we’ll be using LDAP. […]