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Fixing Redmine 4 Themes

Redmine 4 was released more than 2 months ago, but many themes, even premium, paid ones, still don’t play nicely with it. Apparently most issues arise from the fact that several themes copy-paste parts from Redmine’s own application.css instead of including it. The latter may not be feasible if the theme changes many aspects of […]

Migrating Redmine from system Ruby to RVM on CentOS

Redmine 4 is knocking on the door, and it’s going to drop support for anything below 2.2.2. Unfortunately, EL 7 only has 2.0.0, so you either wait until EL 8 releases and hope it comes with 2.2.2+, or you migrate from the packaged Ruby to something else. I’m picking RVM, because reasons. If you use […]

Redmine 3 on CentOS 7

Now that Redmine 3 has been released, it’s time to upgrade, right? Remember installing Redmine 2 on CentOS 7? The good news is that the procedure remains almost identical. You only need to make 2 adjustments. The first thing is that Redmine 3 adds a few new gems which in turn also add a few […]

Redmine on CentOS 7

NOTE: This tutorial is for Redmine 2. For Redmine 3, make sure to read Redmine 3 on CentOS 7 as well. Preamble This is a supplementary blogpost for my previous post, Installing, Migrating & Upgrading Redmine with LDAP on Ubuntu. I’m not going to cover the migration, upgrade, authentication, etc. parts again coz they’re almost […]

Installing, Migrating & Upgrading Redmine with LDAP on Ubuntu

Preamble Note for CentOS users: please refer to my more recent guide, Redmine on CentOS 7 This article will guide you through the installation, migration and upgrading of a Redmine instance on Ubuntu Server 13.10. The article’ll also explain how to switch from an SQLite database backend to PostgreSQL. For authentication we’ll be using LDAP. […]