The Microsoft Edge browser recommendation hypocrisy


So the latest Windows Insider build apparently nags you to stay with Edge, because it’s good enough or something.

And now everyone’s shitting their pants over how outrageous this move is. Well, in fact, it is. But I’m really missing these voices when Google does the same.

Which is… all the time, actually.

I mean, seriously.

No, I really am serious.

Did I happen to mention that (inculding Gmail) is the most visited site on the Internet, by far? And that is the second? And that both sites nag you all the time to install Chrome?

If I were you, I wouldn’t be so afraid about Chrome’s shrinking market share, anyway.

So yeah, good stuff, guys. Be my guest to bitch about such tactics, coz they indeed suck ass. But do that regardless of company, please.