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Ubnt EdgeRouter Firmware v1.10.6

It’s been released just a few days ago: EdgeMAX EdgeRouter software release v1.10.6 Upgraded my ER-X without any issues. Nothing changed config- or behavior-wise. Was curious about the fix for PPPoE offload, didn’t even know such a thing exists, but: [email protected]# set system offload ipv4 pppoe enable Error: platform does not support IPv4 PPPoE offload […]

IPv6 on Ubnt EdgeRouter X with DIGI PPPoE

Basics Ingredients: Ubnt EdgeRouter X DIGI with PPPoE subscription Interfaces: eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3: LAN, put into a virtual switch so that they behave the same way and don’t need individual configuration eth4: WAN Now you might be scratching your head: by default, eth0 is WAN, so why change it? First I didn’t understand that […]