Grandstream Firmware Archive


Let’s face it, Grandstream IP phones are far from being perfect. OTOH they’re dirt cheap, so it’s kinda fair trade. Still, sometimes you might wanna downgrade to debug your shit. The official firmware page only provides you with the very latest firmware files so if you wanna get the old firmware, you’ll have to cut yourself through the useless prepared questions of their (otherwise really responsive) support team.

To save you from this, I decided to put up an archive of all the firmware releases I collected so far. I’m going to keep this list up-to-date, i.e. put up the new releases once they come out.

Note: downgrading of the firmware is not supported by Grandstream. You use these at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility for any damage.

These files belong to the current generation of HD IP phones supported by Grandstream, i.e.

  • GXP1100/GXP1105/GXP1160/GXP1165
  • GXP1400/GXP1405/GXP1450
  • GXP2100/GXP2110/GXP2120/GXP2124

Firmware release bundles