Windows 10568 pulled


Dear Microsoft,

How about make up your minds? After you ship a release, you can’t just pull it for no reason. No,

because our company decided to

is not a reason. Actually, it is a reason… to make your customers give up on your products. The reason why people used Windows so much is that they could rely on it (for the most part). But what you’re currently doing is exactly the behavior that makes us re-evaluate our options, again and again.

Seriously, when we can’t use Hyper-V Manager to connect to remote servers, when network shares are randomly missing, when randomly enforced driver updates crash our computers constantly, when display scaling’s still blurry with different display resolutions, or when we can’t even use BitLocker, how much worse could it get with say, Linux? What ever happened to QA? Does Agile really mean that we rush releases out the door and make false promises to fix the bugs in the next rushed-out release? I don’t think so.

“QA is a difficult job thesedays!” Yeah, it’s difficult, especially when you replace your trained internal testers with 2 million clueless whiners who complain about the transparency of the taskbar and other crucial things. The Insider Program was a novel idea, but when you come to think of it, it’s a disaster. Users simply aren’t clever enough to give feedback on the things that matter. Especially when you have millions of them. It’s out of control, with too much noise.

Get your act together. When you find a big, blocking bug, you don’t say bullshit like “we do this because we decided to do it”. What the actual f*ck, seriously?

In such cases, the least you can do is explain it to your customers. Mark my words, this complete inability to adequately communicate with the rest of the world will kill your company one day.