Windows 10 build 14316 is out


I don’t normally blog about Insider builds (maybe I should), but I must say this build is pretty sweet. Currently I’m in search of a good browser. I’ve been using Firefox since 0.7 but it became unbearable on my old rig. Then I switched to Opera, which became almost perfect recently – and then they were sold to the Chinese. Since then I upgraded my rig so Firefox is tolerable, but there’s still stupid annoyances like audio randomly being out of sync on YouTube.

I’m trying to get used to Edge, but it still needs a lot of work. They added extensions not too long ago, so it’s not hopeless, but there are a lot of bugs and a bunch of stuff still missing. As for the former, they finally added an issue tracker instead of the gimmick called Insider Hub or whatever.

As for the latter, there’s great news! There’s a whole bunch of new features in this build. To name a few:

  • Opus codec support
  • Importing bookmarks from Firefox
  • Tree view in bookmarks
  • Ability to change the default download folder
  • Web notifications – you need to enable it under about:flags (heck, I didn’t even realize there’s such a thing until now)

Check out the changelog for details.

On the OS side, there’s also a good number of quite impressive additions:

  • Ubuntu on Windows
  • Skype UWP Preview
  • Dark Mode

And a lot more. The OS upgrade graphics have also been replaced – now it looks more like a regular update being installed, with a percentage indicator on a blue screen. I gotta admit, the previous one was better – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Microsoft!

Anyhow, Edge really starts to show promise, so keep up the good work!