Site name change


I was never satisfied with the previous name (for the unintroduced, it was Vault-Tec). It was a way too obvious reference to Fallout and made it impossible to build any brand value out of the site.

So as a person who loves sarcasm and self-irony, I decided to go for Noobient, because even though I’m convinced I’ve gathered an enormous amount of knowledge in recent years, I’m perfectly aware that I’m still so dumb at so many things that I can’t even…

Anyway, Google shows 20 results for the term ‘noobient’ globally right now, so I should be good. Old links are redirected to the new domain so you should be able to find the old articles no problem.

And by the way, I’ve been quite silent recently, but I have A LOT of content I’m eager to publish, I just have to adjust my schedule a bit. Stay tuned!