Red Alert 2 on Windows 10

  1. Install Red Alert 2 with defaults (C:\Westwood\RA2).
  2. Install the Red Alert 2 1.006 patch.
  3. Run Ra2.exe as administrator once. This registers some type libraries as needed.
  4. Apply the required compatibility settings with ra2-compat.reg. This only works if your RA2 path is C:\Westwood\RA2 as advised in step 1, otherwise update this file accordingly.
  5. Download my preconfigured ddwrapper and extract to C:\Westwood\RA2. (official site)
  6. Edit C:\Westwood\RA2\ra2.ini so that its [Video] section looks like this (adjust resolution to your display if needed):

After this, Red Alert 2 should be running in glorious HD on Windows 10.

Have fun!