Playing on the Noobient Killing Floor 2 Servers


Currently I run the following Killing Floor 2 servers:

Hostname Location London Chicago Frankfurt

They host more than 80 custom maps at this moment, so if you’re bored of the stock ones, these servers might just be what you were looking for.

Unfortunately, the KF2 server filter won’t allow for limiting results to custom maps, and since there’s around 1500-2000 servers currently, the chances that you’ll come by these servers by accident are next to zero. Which is a shame.

Still, if you like custom maps, you’re more than welcome to join. Here’s how to do that.

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The quick-n-dirty way to join is pressing F3 in the Killing Floor 2 main menu, then typing the following command (change hostname as needed):


Like so:

After a few moments, you should be presented with the match lobby.

Via Favorites

If you intend to play on the servers regularly, it may be helpful to add them to your favorites. To do this, open the Steam client, and select View / Servers:

Click Add a server:

Enter the chosen hostname, then click Add this address to favorites:

You should now have the specified servers in the list:

Restart Killing Floor 2. Now joining to these servers should be as simple as opening Favorites in the Server Browser:

Come join us, and have a good time!