Fixing the dial-in number missing from Microsoft Teams meetings in Outlook


Skype for Business is being phased out, so chances are, you’re in the process of migrating your tenant to Microsoft Teams already.

You obtain an audio conferencing add-on, or an E5 license, assign it to the user, it shows up properly on the corresponding admin pages, but it just refuses to show up when you try to organize a Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook. No dial-in conferencing phone number, ever.

After hours of struggling on multiple PCs, I’ve found out that the solution is so ridiculous that it’s beyond belief.

Open File / Options, select Add-ins, then at the Manage / Com Add-ins section click Go…:

Uncheck the Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office entry, then click OK:

Now repeat the same in reverse, i.e. enable the Teams add-in. Then guess what:

My god, why, Microsoft, whyyyyy?