killinuxfloor 1.1 released


killinuxfloor 1.1 has been released! I’ve already explained both the issues that we’ve been having recently with Killing Floor 2 Server on Linux, and the manual solution to them. Now I’m happy to say the fix has been incorporated into killinuxfloor, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

For the curious, here’s the full changelog, too:

  • Add support for bans via killinuxfloor ban command
  • Fix failing Workshop downloads caused by old Steam libraries shipped with KF2
  • Fix failing killinuxfloor status when KF2 isn’t running
  • Fix webadmin erroneously allowing changes to automatically generated map cycles

For installation instructions, please refer to the killinuxfloor guide.

If you want to upgrade, simply download the new version with your regular user, then:

sudo ./
sudo ./

Then as the steam user, restore your previous config (it’s automatically backed up in your home dir, e.g. Config-20190515-151701.tgz), then:

killinuxfloor config
killinuxfloor start