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Oracle ZFS Appliance 40GBE arrived

Turns out, Vivaldi goes to the previous page by pressing Ctrl+left arrow. Along with Alt+left arrow. I learned this the hard way, after almost completing this blogpost. I could kill. And also hugs to Tumblr for not having an auto-save feature in 2017. Neither a ‘Save’ button that won’t make me open the draft for […]

Storage Spaces vs. ZFS

Prelude It’s time for the big showdown! In this post I continue with my benchmark frenzy and after messing around with ZFS I put those SSDs to the test with FreeNAS. The most interesting part will be, of course, to see how those stand against Storage Spaces. On FreeNAS (FreeBSD) there’s no ATTO Disk Benchmark, […]

First Look at ZFS & FreeNAS

ZFS Before finalizing our SSD storage I really wanted to give ZFS, and more specifically, FreeNAS a go. ZFS is particularly interesting because of its awesome performancy with its parity implementation dubbed RAID-Z. Basically, the Sun (now Oracle) guys came up with some clever ideas that greatly eliminate the performance hit that kills the regular […]