Gmail – a slight push towards Chrome


So this is what welcomes me when I sign in to Gmail using IE 10:

The wording is really noble. It doesn’t say that “we hate Microsoft, so let’s just throw IE out of the window”. No, instead it says:

You are using a version of this browser which will soon be unsupported.

It sounds like “oh geez, we really wanna support IE, just not old versions”. Too bad IE 10 is the very latest of it, at the time of writing. Of course they don’t forget to provide a link for a “modern” browser, i.e. Chrome, which, of course, happens to be made by Google. But to make it less offensive, they also put up a link for a separate website (which is also made by Google anyway).

Let’s see what it has to offer:

You are currently using IE 10. This is the most current version. Thanks for keeping your browser up to date, and enjoy browsing.

Is it just me, or are the two statements rather contradictory? I say, FUCK YOU, Google. Coz you’re really working towards a free web – as long as it’s consumed by Google Chrome.