Gitblit 1.7 released


Well, 1.7.1, actually, since 1.7 had some WAR deployment issues. I suggest you to read the rather hefty changelog before upgrading.

One thing I’d like to highlight is the new file. Until now, an upgrade and migrating the configuration looked like this, when done properly:

  • Do a diff of the stock and your own file.
  • Take note of all the differences.
  • Apply all of them to the new file.
  • Check the newly added options, and modify them, too, if needed.

It was always tedious as all hell, but now you can say goodbye to this! From now on, the procedure will go like this:

  • Replace the old with the new one.
  • Copy your
  • Check the newly added options, and change their defaults in, if needed.

Kudos to James for this new release and his continuous efforts on the project!