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Git CMD patched for ConsoleZ

There’s an annoying bug in the current releases of Git for Windows. TL;DR if started from ConsoleZ, Git Bash exits when you press Ctrl+C. A patch has been made for git-cmd but it hasn’t been merged yet. I believe this is a major inconvenience for some of us, so I decided to make the patched […]

Gitblit 1.7 released

Well, 1.7.1, actually, since 1.7 had some WAR deployment issues. I suggest you to read the rather hefty changelog before upgrading. One thing I’d like to highlight is the new file. Until now, an upgrade and migrating the configuration looked like this, when done properly: Do a diff of the stock and your own […]

Gitblit on CentOS 7

Preamble If you need a reliable yet versatile Git server, Gitblit is for you. It’s super easy to setup, to upgrade, to migrate, to customize, to modify. It uses JGit so your server doesn’t even have to have Git installed. The configuration file’s options are well documented. It has LDAP authentication built-in. It provides you […]