Azure AD Connect updates


Microsoft released version of their Azure AD Connect tool which I’ve been covering for a while now. One point I always made is the OU filter which you had to apply via some obscure executables.

The good news is that this has finally been added to the main Azure AD Connect utility:

You can verify it in the traditional SSM, it will have the same effect. This feature was way overdue, but good job nevertheless.

The other thing I noticed just now is the new Enable-ADSyncExportDeletionThreshold cmdlet which lets you set the accidental deletion threshold.

One last change I discovered is the fact that the shceduled task no longer exists. Apparently you need to use PowerShell for manual syncs again, like in DirSync:


Yup: they’ve come full circle.

Anyway, keep up the good work, guys!

Update: turns out, you need to start syncing after the configuration wizard, otherwise AD Connect won’t perform the periodic sync tasks: