Noobuntu – Enterprise Ubuntu development environment with Active Directory integration


Noobuntu is Enterprise Ubuntu development environment with Active Directory integration. The current release supports Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic).


Active Directory

  • Domain join
  • Automatic home directory creation
  • sudo rights provisioned via AD

Development Environment

  • Full disk encryption (FDE) + automatic unlock via Clevis and TPM2
  • Firewall with SSH access
  • OneDrive
  • SMB (CIFS) and SSHFS network shares via pam_mount
  • Office 365 / Exchange support via Hiri
  • Microsoft Teams
  • CLion, PyCharm, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code
  • VirtualBox, Vagrant, Node.js, pgAdmin, Wireshark
  • Docker with read-only binds / mounts
  • pip and virtualenv for Python 3
  • Vulkan
  • Git, Git LFS, Git Credential Manager, GitHub Desktop
  • User-accessible SATA mounts and network configuration
  • VLC, FFmpeg, GIMP, nomacs with HEIF support
  • Spotify, Steam, Google Chrome, qBittorrent
  • GNOME Tweaks and various improved defaults for GNOME
  • A ton of useful stock utilities
  • Automatic updates


  • NVIDIA driver
  • CUDA


  • PowerShell Core
  • Azure CLI
  • Cisco ASDM
  • ceph-deploy


Please refer to the Noobuntu Wiki.