watchOS 7 limits media storage to 8 GB


Here’s the lovely message I’m getting since upgrading my Apple Watch 5 Series to watchOS 7:

Out of Media Storage
The storage space dedicated to media on your Apple Watch is full. To make space available, you can remove some podcasts, music or audiobooks.

Which is weird because, according to my companion app, my Watch has more than 19 GB storage space available.

The only comforting thing to know is that I’m not alone with this, but according to some comments now the maximum storage you can use for music is 8 GB. Even though you get 32 GB of precious storage, you can’t utilize it anymore. Because Apple said so.

I can’t imagine what they were thinking. Seriously, what else would I use this space for? Why would you do that? To me, one of the main sellings points of the Watch was the fact that I could go running without my iPhone. Just put all my music on the Watch, connect to my headphones via Bluetooth, track the workout with the Workout app, and upload it once back home. And that’s it, the whole setup is self-contained.

But not anymore. Now I’m forced to circulate my playlists due to your silently added, 100% artificial limitation.

Please, Apple, fix this.