Azure AD Connect hits GA


I just received an email from Azure telling me that from now, Azure Active Directory Connect is generally available. In human language this means that AD Connect is finally out of beta.

Since my experiences with the previews were less than stellar I kept back any previews after Preview 2. But now I finally gave green light to the update.

Fortunately the installer provides an ugprade path for Preview 2 so I didn’t have reconfigure everything again. After the upgrade was finished, it told me that for now, sync is disabled so that I can review the configuration – a very welcome addition, Microsoft, this is how things should be done.

After that it went like this:

  • After (and during) install I kept checking the logs but nothing exciting happened.
  • Then I also verified that the sync task in Task Scheduler is indeed disabled.
  • Gave the STS computer a restart, just in case.
  • Then I also opened the Synchronization Service Manager and confirmed that the OU filters are still in place.
  • Once everything seemed to be ready for action, I re-enabled the scheduled task, ran it manually and checked the output in SSM and Event Viewer.

Basically everything went smoothly, so nothing to rant about this time 🙂

One thing I still need to figure out is how to set the accidental deletion threshold. I’ll let you know when I get to it.