Windows 10 Mail app now supports 2FA


Even though the Office 365 team promised 2FA to arrive in Outlook by the end of 2014, it’s still MIA. That’s why it’s so ironic that the consumer-grade Mail app already have this perk. This landed about a month ago, but now I finally get to blog about it.

When you add a corporate account, finally it doesn’t ask for an app password but tells you to accept the notification on your cellphone instead:

On your phone it looks like this:

Then it warns me that it will enroll my device into the Office 365 tenant:

Even though this doesn’t work yet… (maybe I just have to enable it for the tenant):

Then it’s supposedly enforces some policies, tho I’m not convinced it isn’t just a placeholder yet:


So the universal app now supports 2FA. That’s great. Now I have only one wish left: PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK IN OUTLOOK, TOO.

I don’t have high hopes though; Office 2016 has already been released for the Mac, but of course, it still asks for app passwords…