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You can’t use consumer GPUs in datacenters

I want to make this clear once and for all. That statement is not a possibility, that’s not coincidence, that’s not a may be, that’s not a liability. It’s a very practical fact. It all boils down to an incredibly simple thing: Quadros, Teslas and FirePros have the power connectors on their rear end, but […]

Cheap Fanless Mini PC with Dedicated GPU

Update 2: now I have a new build with the J5005, without a dGPU, under 2.5L. Update: ASRock have released a new, similar motherboard, the J4105B-ITX, based on the Gemini Lake, aka Goldmont Plus platform with the J4105 chip. The most powerful chip, the J5005 has only one mobo so far, the ASRock J5005-ITX, but […]