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Unsigned Drivers in Windows Update

So Windows Update found updates for my Intel GPU and my printer. Then it said: Are you for real?

Windows 10 Automatic Driver Updates

So Windows 10 has this great misfeature of updating drivers on its own no matter what you do. No, we’re not talking about the Home edition where you can’t disable updates at all, we’re talking about Pro. You can go to Control Panel and disable them: and even restart if you will, but of course […]

Missing Windows Server Backup after performing Windows Update

So you’re happily using Windows Server Backup (wbadmin.msc), and one day you’re unhappily finding out that the shortcut’s gone. Not only that, but the file’s missing, too. It’s not in MMC either. You suspect it’s because some new updates applied sometime ago. Cool, so then you decide to reinstall Windows Server Backup, which means you […]