Windows 10 Automatic Driver Updates


So Windows 10 has this great misfeature of updating drivers on its own no matter what you do. No, we’re not talking about the Home edition where you can’t disable updates at all, we’re talking about Pro. You can go to Control Panel and disable them:

and even restart if you will, but of course it won’t help:

And you have the latest driver again. This wouldn’t bother me so ducking much if the drivers were actually good. But they aren’t. For me HW accelerated video playback is broken in the latest AMD driver. That means no YouTube, no MKV or MP4 playback if they’re H264-encoded. Yay. You can roll back to the previous driver, but just let the computer sit idle for a while, then the screen will blink and you’ll have the “latest and greatest” (read: broken) driver again.

So what do you do? Resort to the “Show or hide updates” tool, of course. This was intented as a temporary measure for Windows 10 Preview, but apparently this is the only workaround for now.

So just start the tool, select the borked driver to be hidden, and be done with it.

Microsoft, if you actually have a built-in Control Panel setting to control this behavior, how about make it actually work as intended instead of forcing us to use such hacks?


Update: actually, this tool does nothing at all. Eventually the driver will get updated no matter what. Great work.