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Grandstream Firmware Archive

Let’s face it, Grandstream IP phones are far from being perfect. OTOH they’re dirt cheap, so it’s kinda fair trade. Still, sometimes you might wanna downgrade to debug your shit. The official firmware page only provides you with the very latest firmware files so if you wanna get the old firmware, you’ll have to cut […]

Free WordPress hosting on Azure

Yeah, this sounds freaking crazy, but it really is possible. Azure offers free hosting for up to 10 sites as long as you don’t exceed 5GB in traffic, you don’t use an SQL server, etc. Here’s how. Go to the Azure website and click on the free trial link. Sign in with your Microsoft account […]

Removing the Sign In buttons in Office 2013

Office 2013 shows those “Sign In” buttons everywhere. It’s kinda annoying, novice users may screw up and in a corporate environment it’s really not acceptable in most cases. If you want to disable these items, your most convenient option is controlling it via Group Policy. Here’s how: Download the administrative templates self-extacting archive according to […]

Opening .local sites on Ubuntu

Some wise fella decided that Linux users don’t want to open sites that use the .local TLD. Too bad, because a lot of intranets use that, mostly because it happens to be a Microsoft recommendation and a lot of enterprises use Microsoft services. The symtoms are simple: you can resolve the IP address of your […]

Active Directory authentication for Wi-Fi clients via FreeRADIUS

Preamble If you have a rather large corporate environment and you want to authenticate your users when connecting to Wi-Fi in a way that’s a little bit more sophisticated than a pre-shared key, you’ll probably end up using RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service). When it comes to RADIUS, FreeRADIUS is the most common […]

MilkDrop in foobar2000 on Windows 8

Update: this also works on Windows 8.1. foobar2000 is an awesome music player but the bundled visualization plugins are pretty lame. I much prefer MilkDrop that is a standard component of Winamp and by the way one of the most awesome visualization plugins I’ve ever seen. A little teaser: Fortunately there’s a foobar2000 plugin which […]

Gmail – a slight push towards Chrome

So this is what welcomes me when I sign in to Gmail using IE 10: The wording is really noble. It doesn’t say that “we hate Microsoft, so let’s just throw IE out of the window”. No, instead it says: You are using a version of this browser which will soon be unsupported. It sounds […] – integrated shortcut for fail

My current brainfuck is really simple to reproduce. Just open in your browser, sign in to your mailbox, then press Ctrl + 3, which, by default, is supposed to switch to the 3rd tab in Firefox. Well, not in the case of Here your reward will be a nice error message: The only […]

Upgrading to WP 7.8 with Navifirm and Nokia Care Suite

Alright, the title might be a bit misleading – in fact this tutorial can be used for any firmware upgrade in general, not just for 7.8. So anyway, you have a Windows Phone 7 device and you’re too impatient to wait for the official 7.8 update. Good news: you don’t have to. Here’s all the […] lockout, lost customer

I’ve been having a account for ages. I have an original copy of Diablo 1, Diablo 2 and its expansion, WarCraft 3 and its expansion and lastly, StartCraft and its expansion. Today I received an email about a discount on StarCraft 2. Heck, I always wanted to try it, so it would’ve been a […]