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Installing Windows 8 from another partition

ODDs are a thing of the past. I can’t even recall when I last installed an OS from DVD. Thanks to WUDT and LiLi you can install any OS from a pendrive. But what if you don’t have any at hand? Are you screwed? Nope. You just gotta have a spare partition or some spare […]

Creating YouTube music videos fast

For me, a YouTube music video is a static picture and music in the background. It seems that most youtubers share this opinion. So what’s the simplest and fastest way of doing that? My choice is Movie Maker. Download, install it, then fire it up. Add a picture, then add the music too. You might […]


So the thing is, I love MPC-HC for its subtitle controls. I can set subtitles to be displayed on the bottom of the display instead of the bottom of the movie. Coz there are movies which are even wider than a 16:9 display, you know. It makes no sense to take space from the movie […]

Opus codec support in Windows Phone

Opus is a great new format with excellent audio quality even at extremely low bitrates (nice for music even at 48 kbps). This makes it a highly appealing codec for portables, especially for those with limited storage. Yeah, like all current WP7 handsets. You can perform a quick test. Just download foobar2000 and opus-tools, convert […]

Restoring a PLAIN backup in PostgreSQL

So um, pgAdmin is nice. It really is. Yeah, it crashes quite often, but UI-wise it’s really handy. For the most part. But this does not apply to backups. The thing is, by default pgAdmin will create backups in PLAIN format. Which is fine… err, would be fine if it could restore PLAIN backups. But […]

ASCII file and folder names on Windows

It’s cool that most OSes, filesystems and apps provide at least certain level of support for non-ASCII characters. Too bad that in a lot of cases they don’t work too well, especially when mixed together. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to stick strictly with ASCII-only characters. I’m afraid you can’t prohibit such files […]

Fix for Flash Player crashes in Firefox

As usually in computing, most great new innovations come with some pain in the f*cking ass. One of the recent pains is a Flash Player update (somewhere around 11.3) which adds some sandboxing feature of sorts, dubbed Protected Mode. This is great and all, but on certain comps it just doesn’t work. It causes your […]

Using OpenVPN as a user

Though the title is quite ironic already, it really is a problem. You can’t just run that oh-so-awesome OpenVPN GUI as a regular (i.e. non-admin) user. You don’t have the required permissions yada yada. The OpenVPN guys say it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of Windows so it can’t be solved. But oh wait, […]