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Migrating from DirSync to Azure AD Connect

Preface So DirSync is a thing of the past now. It’s deprecated but it’s supposed to keep working. For us, it didn’t. Password sync just never occured, so when a new colleague arrived at our office needing a new account I was basically forced to upgrade to the newcomer dubbed Azure AD Connect, or Azure […]

FileVault with Active Directory

Remember storing BitLocker passwords in Active Directory? Wouldn’t it be great if you could store OS X FileVault keys the same way? Well, actually, you can. Not out-of-box, but technically nothing is in the way of doing just that – it’s just a bunch of characters. So I decided to create a simple utility for […]

Office 365 Authentication for Azure

Here’s the deal: you have an Office 365 tenant where all your corporate accounts are stored. Possibly you even have DirSync or ADFS set up and your on-premises AD accounts are synced to Office 365. Now that’s great and all, but then you also start to use Azure, and guess what, it asks for… a […]

Cisco AnyConnect with Active Directory and Azure Multi-Factor Auth

Preamble This guide will walk you through the steps to set up two-factor authentication on your Cisco ASA for your AnyConnect VPN users, whose credentials are managed by Active Directory. Relax, it only sounds complicated because it is, but not as much as I assumed after not being able to find a single tutorial on […]

BitLocker with Active Directory

Preamble Here’s the deal: you want to deploy BitLocker on your workstations you want to backup the recovery keys and TPM info to Active Directory your domain and forest functional level is Windows Server 2012 R2 (at least that’s where I performed all this) If your level differs, it may still work, but according to […]

Office 365 Directory Synchronization

Preamble This guide will walk you through the deployment of DirSync. This tool allows you to synchronize your on-premises Active Directory domain with Office 365. This, in turn, allows you to have a consistent, unified login experience across your workstations, local LDAP-bound services and (buzzword alert) the cloud, i.e. Office 365. This is an alternative […]

Allowing users to control third party services via Group Policy

Preamble So you have an Active Directory domain and you’ve installed certain services on certain computers. Now you want to allow certain non-admin users to control these services, but for obvious reasons you definitely don’t want to grant them with admin rights. You can do this OOB via Group Policy as long as this is […]

Installing, Migrating & Upgrading Redmine with LDAP on Ubuntu

Preamble Note for CentOS users: please refer to my more recent guide, Redmine on CentOS 7 This article will guide you through the installation, migration and upgrading of a Redmine instance on Ubuntu Server 13.10. The article’ll also explain how to switch from an SQLite database backend to PostgreSQL. For authentication we’ll be using LDAP. […]

Fixing SYSVOL replication on Windows Server 2012 R2

Replication can get broken for various reasons. One vivid symptom is when you’re unable to run gpupdate because it complains about access errors. In this case, you can check the SYSVOL share on your DCs, e.g. if there’s a mismatch between dc1\SYSVOL\\Policies and dc2\SYSVOL\\Policies, it means that replication is broken. The SYSVOL where the number […]