CentOS 7 Post-Installation Best Practices

If you haven’t done so yet, complete the tasks explained in Using SSH Key Pairs on Windows. If you fail to do so, you’ll be locked out of your CentOS instance! Fire up Pageant, load your private key, and log into your SSH host. Almost all of the commands will require root privileges, so first […]

Outlook 2019 supports 2FA

Finally, the day has come, folks. I still can’t believe it. After so many friggin’ years this damn application finally supports two-factor authentication for their own service. Without stupid “app passwords”. Can you actually believe that? If the account’s already set up in Windows, it’s like 3 clicks, you don’t even have to enter your […]

Using SSH Key Pairs on Windows

Basics For the fundamentals of how SSH key pairs works, please read understanding public key private key concepts. TLDR you put your public key on the remote machine (server) you want to manage, and you authenticate with the private key you have on your local client machine. Generation We use PuTTY to generate and use […]

Edimax EN-9320TX-E 10GbE Ethernet Card on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux

Unlike the Asus XG-C100C, the Edimax EN-9320TX-E 10G Ethernet card won’t work OOTB, because you need some firmware magic to make it work. So first off, some prerequisites: yum install dkms vim-common git curl || apt install dkms git curl git clone -b vendor-drop/v0. /usr/src/tn40xx-001 cd /usr/src/tn40xx-001 curl -LO tar xf x3310fw_0_3_3_0_9374.tar.gz make […]

Playing on the Noobient Killing Floor 2 Servers

Currently I run the following Killing Floor 2 servers: Hostname Location London Chicago They host more than 80 custom maps at this moment, so if you’re bored of the stock ones, these servers might just be what you were looking for. Unfortunately, the KF2 server filter won’t allow for limiting results to custom […]

IPv6 on Ubnt EdgeRouter X with DIGI PPPoE

Basics Ingredients: Ubnt EdgeRouter X DIGI with PPPoE subscription Interfaces: eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3: LAN, put into a virtual switch so that they behave the same way and don’t need individual configuration eth4: WAN Now you might be scratching your head: by default, eth0 is WAN, so why change it? First I didn’t understand that […]

Passing ICMPv6 on Windows Defender Firewall

ICMPv6 is pretty crucial for IPv6 to work correctly. Unfortunately, to this day, Windows 10 still blocks those packets by default. Here’s how to let them through. Open Start / Run, then run: wf.msc This opens the Microsoft Management Console with the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in. Here select Inbound Rules and click […]

My wish list for Microsoft Teams

I dream of a Teams release That doesn’t take like 15 seconds to start on an i7 8700 + Samsung 960 Pro + GTX 1080 Ti + latest Windows 10 workstation. That doesn’t take an extra 3-5 seconds to scroll up just one page. That, when I start Teams on a different comp that hasn’t […]

Display files without empty lines or comments

Paste the following in your shell: cat << EOF >> ~/.bashrc alias nocom=’sed -e “/^\s*#/d” -e “/^\s*$/d”‘ EOF This sets up an alias, so that you don’t have to memorize it (which is impossible to begin with). If you want this to be available for all new users, also add this to the /etc/skel/.bashrc file […]

Killing Floor 2 Auto-Kick Bot on Linux Dedicated Server

Update: this functionality has been incorporated into my Killing Floor 2 Linux Server Installer. I recommend you use that instead. Preamble With the Killing Floor 2 Treacherous Skies patch things got considerably harder, especially on HoE difficulty. So, more than ever, it’s critical to have good players and good perks, otherwise your wipe is guaranteed. […]